About the region


Nordic Data Centers is located in the county of Västerbotten, chiefessays.net situated in the northern part of Sweden, close to the Arctic circle.

Västerbotten is a productive region with strong and diverse business sectors. It is at the forefront of R&D, has abundant natural recourses and is an attractive location as a gateway to Northern Scandinavia and the Barents region.

Companies locating here benefit from a strong entrepreneurial tradition, competitive costs for personnel, operations and facilities, an excellent infrastructure and a reliable, well-educated work force. The region offers readily available land and premises at affordable costs.


The best growth in Sweden

The region of Nordic Data Centers has experienced one of the highest GDP growth-rate of all Swedish provinces for the last six years, with an increase of 48% compared to the national average of 40%. A strong industrial culture, based on forestry, mining and pulp and paper, is making way for new high-tech industries, creative companies, a high-productivity manufacturing and processing sector and a strong ICT industry. Since the region hosts most of Sweden’s energy resources, there is also an active development of eco-friendly power and heating solutions. Västerbotten has a collaborative spirit with many established networks and consortiums, business incubators and cross border research and development.

Universities with world leading R&D

The region has three universities, Umeå University, including the world known Umeå Institute of Design, Luleå University of Technology and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The universities all offer inspiring environments for students, researches and scientists, whom are world leaders in many fields. The region’s universities are constantly evolving and improving through regional, national and international cooperation with tradefind term paper writers and industry, research institutes and authorities.

Excellent infrastructure and communications

The region’s well-developed infrastructure with seven airports, deep sea ports, railroad communications, trucking service and an excellent road network with three European highways make it easy to travel and carry freight. Västerbotten also has a world-renowned development of both mobile and fiber-based broadband, and an extensive GSM, 3G and 4G network coverage. For example, Umeå has the fastest broadband connection in Europe.

quality of life

In the region of Nordic Data Centers, life is family-friendly with an affordable high standard of living, whether you choose the city life or the countryside calm. There are sunny summers and snowy winters. Beautiful and unexploited nature and wildlife are just around the corner, and the opportunities for sports, entertainment, outdoor activities and culture are endless. The region has the lowest crime rate in the country. The streets are safe, most citizens speak fluent English and people are honest and helpful.