Climate and stability

Cold, stable and safe

The north of Sweden is the most secure and stable place in the world – climate-wise, geologically, politically, socially and economically. This combination creates an excellent base for the valuable information stored and processed in data centers. Seismic activity is also extremely low, as are temperatures.


Nordic Data Centers is located in the most northerly part of Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle. That means it has a subarctic climate, providing fresh air cooling all year round, except for a few days during summer months (May-August). For about six months, temperatures hover around freezing or drop well below. The cimate in the Nordic Data Centers region makes it energy efficient to house data centers here.


Geologically, Sweden has the most stable bedrock in the world. Seismic activity and the risk of earthquakes are minimal, making the region eminently suitable for data centers that have very high demands on operational reliability. Thanks to our stable climate, the risk of wildfires is extremely low and there is no risk of flooding.

Political stability

The regional political climate is very stable. Sweden is known for its’ open democracy, diplomacy and long-standing peace and the country has not been at war for 200+ years. The region ecompasses the second wealthiest municipality in Sweden. This stability is a good platform for investors looking for secure local leadership.