Renewable Energy

Renewable power

Electricity prices in Sweden are among the lowest in Europe. Energy taxes are also 34% lower in the north of Sweden than in the south. Almost all of the production in this region is generated from renewable energy sources, as hydro and wind power.

One of Europe’s largest producers of electricity, Vattenfall, 100% owned by the swedish government, and the electric power company Skellefteå Kraft, 100% owned by the Municipality of Skellefteå, both have strong prescence in the region. Fast access to the electricity grid is guaranteed as these two own the two largest electricity grids in northern Sweden. Built for the requirements of basic industries, such as for example mining, pulp and paper and steelworks, the electricity grid in the region are among the most stable in the world, with an extremely high reliability, capacity and redundancy. Because northern Sweden is a national power supply hub, the area has unique expertise in the fields of energy efficiency, information technology and electrical science. In the region, the Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology conduct research in the fields of sustainable resource usage, process IT innovation, ICT and green technology.