The prevalence of climate activism will inevitably put pressure on IT companies to decrease their climate footprint. Additionally, awareness of the carbon footprint from data storage will likely increase pressure to regulate emissions from the industry. Skellefteå Kraft offers renewable energy from hydro power and wind power, while NDC provides a cutting edge cooling system that will increase energy efficiency substantially, a new, cost-saving, approach to building data centers, as well as a new approach to the process.

Sweden has one of the world’s cleanest energy systems. 100 % renewable energy lays the foundation for electrification. Building data centers in Northern Sweden combines the benefits of the location with innovative technology. The combination of NDC and Skellefteå Kraft presents a thoroughly sustainable solution to minimizing climate footprint.

Sweden offers both a low CO2 footprint and an excellent business case


of global electricity is consumed by data centres


of global electricity is consumed by the ICT sector


of global electricity will be consumed by data centres by 2030